To empower women with tools and resources to enhance and develop their skills through education to successfully integrate into Canadian society while still maintaining respective cultural values.   


 To help refugee women become a vibrant part of Canada’s economic and social development growth.  

Our Programs

Learning Lab

English is a crucial  tool for women to help settle in their communities. Being able to communicate proficiently enables women to advocate for their children, speak to their doctors about their care and provide them with opportunities to upgrade their education.

Proficiency in English is a significant empowering tool which will change the life of a woman from being withdrawn and afraid to empowered and an advocate. The confidence motivates refugee and immigrant women to upgrade their education and pursue higher education.

An educated woman can help provide for her family and feel like a contributing member both to her family and to her community.

Women Helping Women

Women Helping Women allows women to connect with other women who are newcomers and are facing challenges through their settlement. 

The opportunities for networking gives refugee and new immigrant women an environment to share their hopes and fears in a safe space. It also empowers women to know they are not facing the journey alone. Knowing you have the support to guide you through resettlement can give a woman the confidence she needs to become successful.
Together we can help them find access to supportive programs and help them adjust to their new community. 

Education and Training & Development

Women arriving to Canada with a professional designation must retrain to re-qualify in Canada. This can be burdensome for many to not being able to practice their profession in their new country and leads them to be disheartened and depressed. For some, they will have to learn English before they can begin their retraining.
Investing in a woman's future is investing in her family's future. It changes her life as she becomes a role model to her children, breaking the cycle of dependency and poverty. She will inspire her children to reach for their potential.

Completing skills based training programs will ensure qualified training leading to a rewarding career, helping her to support her family, financially, emotionally, and become a confident, empowered member of the economic fabric.

 The measure of success is dependent on the objective of each woman attending the program. For some this may be only to learn English enough to hold everyday conversations and be able to advocate for their children. Or simply being able to know enough English to seek employment. For other women, determined to create a change, it will be passing the College entry exam and pursuing higher academic education.

Our 5-Year plan includes having a dedicated space where women can come together and feel safe. The centre would provide resources and training in practical skills which can be transferred into employment. 

If half of the 12,000 women don’t have a high school education, then they are not going to be able to help their children and these children will not succeed. But with you on our side, we can capture as many women in the many communities and help change the course of their journey and that of their children. Their success will be transitional and the benefits will be generational.

If we impact a woman’s journey in a positive way by any measure, then we have made a difference and that is a success.